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Results for Richmond Radiologists
About Richmond Radiologists
Richmond Radiologists, Inc. has been providing expert quality imaging for Reid Hospital and Health Care Services and the surrounding area since 1974. More than 125,000 procedures are performed each year.
Bill Reminders - Early Out Service
Bill Reminders are a cost effective service, ideal for self-pay accounts 30 days from the date of service. Radiologybill recovered an additional 32.5% of revenue from early out collection services. This brought Richmond Radiologists total revenue to 57.5% at day 90 in the revenue cycle.
Collection Results
Richmond Radiologists placed $8,899,911 and Radiologybill has recovered $2,190,824. The result is a 25% liquidation rate on accounts older than 150 days from the date of service. Radiologybill's results are in addition to their existing in-house recovery efforts.
Bill Reminder Results
  • In-House Efforts - 25%
  • Radiologybill Reminders - 32.5%
  • Combined Efforts - 57.5%
Collection Results
  • In-House Efforts - 15%
  • Radiologybill Collection - 25%
  • Combined Efforts - 40%